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A public school teacher who easily teaches English to students in the Mulugu area.SEDI News

(Venu Medipelly, News18, Mulugu)
Nowadays, everyone’s knowledge of the English language has changed. Whatever the effect of the English language, at least for a small private job (Private job) you need to know English. But rural students have an unspeakable fear of the English language. I don’t know why, but rural students are a little hesitant to learn English. But nowadays it is difficult to imagine a future without English. That is why governments are also opening an English high school (Govt English medium school). Many parents dream that their children speak English.

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English education for tribes
Learning English is challenging, especially for tribal students in completely backward areas such as the Mulugu area. The teacher teaches in an innovative way to overcome the fear of English among the tribal students. Cody Venkat, who works as an English teacher at Mangapet High School, is an innovative thinker in teaching English. He learned why students are afraid of English. He got rid of this fear and began to speak English in a simple language that children could understand. If the student’s thinking mind is the focus of the class, he can feel anything. But with meaningless classes, the interest of the students disappears. Noticing this, Venkat Masteru was the first to introduce the children to this topic. Singing lessons and poems from the English language training program in the form of songs and dances, he teaches his students to understand his gestures. Because of this, students at Mallur High School also have difficulty with English.

An easy way to learn..
Teacher Cody Venkat told News 18: “Tribal students are very afraid of English. They don’t know how to learn a new language. It is against this backdrop that we want to teach English in a simple way. all the kids are here. As part of this, we sing songs and express gestures and give lessons like this to memorize poetry easily,” explained. Venkat Masteru said that now his students are getting good grades in English as well as in other subjects, and he is delighted to be able to talk.

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