HomeBusinessA replica of a flamingo made from garbage in Mumbai SEDI News

A replica of a flamingo made from garbage in Mumbai SEDI News

MUMBAI: Environmentalists and environmental organizations have taken up a campaign to clean and conserve Kandalvan, creek and as a part of it, garbage from Kandalvan, creek is being collected every week. Environmentalists have given a message of cleanliness by creating a huge replica of a flamingo from the garbage that was removed on a large scale from Kandalvan-Khadi. This replica has been created using plastic collected from waste, thermocol etc. An attempt is being made to convey the message of environmental conservation through this campaign.

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‘Environment Life’ and other environment-loving organizations have undertaken a campaign to clean Kandalvan, Khadi one day a week. In this campaign, more than 100 kg of waste is being removed from Kandalvan, Khadi every week in one day. It has been pointed out that this waste has harmful elements in terms of environment.

This waste includes plastic, thermocol, glass, rubber etc. Thermocol cans, plastic bags, bottles, other items, glass bottles and miscellaneous items, rubber slippers and belts, clay idols are being found in the garbage. Environmentalists were wondering what to do with this waste that is collected on a large scale. Finally, it was decided to make a huge replica of the flamingo from this waste. This replica of Plomingo has been created using waste rubber slippers, thermocol, plastic pallets. Dharmesh Barai, founder of ‘Environment Life’, said that the flamingo replica has been created with the aim of conserving the biodiversity of the country and preserving the habitat of the flamingo.

Garbage is being dumped in large quantities in Kandalvan, creeks. Due to this, the environment is being harmed and the citizens should be aware of the environment. Babasaheb Rajle did.