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A Scots schoolgirl dresses up as a Ukrainian soldier for Halloween – complete with her own tankSEDI News

A SCOTS schoolgirl has dressed up as a Ukrainian soldier with her own tank for Halloween to show support during the Russian invasion.

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Caoimhe Flynn wore a full camouflage army outfit including body armour, a plastic gun and a mini cardboard tank to school in Glasgow last Wednesday.

Siobhan Smith, a mother of eight, custom-made the outfit to show solidarity with Ukraine and her local community, who have welcomed many families from the war-torn country this year.

Caoimhe’s Ukrainian Solider Halloween costume . Credits: Siobhan Smith

Caoimhe also wanted to pay support to her stepfather who has been out of Ukraine since March working as a security response specialist.

Speaking today, childhood studies student Siobhan, 28, said: “Our community has recently had a number of Ukrainian families move to the area with some of the children attending the school.

“My partner has also been working in Ukraine since March and I think the war is more relevant to our family and community than some others. We wanted to show our support for the Ukrainian people.

“My daughter was really excited because she is aware of the situation in Ukraine and is very kind.

“The school loved it, they thought it was fantastic. I always make costumes for Caoimhe every year so I think they were expecting something big again.

“The Ukrainian families at the school were surprised, they all asked to take some pictures and some kids took a shot of going into the tank.

“They were very grateful to give them some time and show my support.”

“I’m very happy that people support my idea and are very positive about it because I worry that it might be taken the wrong way.”

Siobhan posted images of her daughter in her outfit on Facebook last week, writing “Sgt Caoimhe, reporting for duty! Slava Ukraine.”

Hundreds of social media users liked the pictures and left comments praising the young man for showing his support.

Caoimhe inside a homemade tank. Credits: Siobhan Smith

One person said: “You’ve done amazing this year, as we all know the kids all loved their costumes. You should be so proud of yourself.”

Another wrote: “Class act. ?????? ??????? (Glory of Ukraine).”

A third commented: “Wow this is absolutely amazing. Well done.”

A fourth added: “This is really impressive. Well done.”

However, one viewer was not impressed with the outfit and called it unattractive.

He said: “I’m going to be absolutely devastated to say this, I just know it, but I’m going to do it anyway. There’s support showing up and it’s distasteful. I feel like the latter.

“Thousands of Ukrainians are dying fighting in the streets, many have fled to the UK for asylum (rightfully so).

“I don’t think it’s respectful to make light of the horrors and drive tanks down the road to the refugee housing sites.”

Siobhan replied: “Your opinion, if you felt that way. But let me give you some background.

“My partner is currently working in Ukraine and has been since March. So I’m very aware of what’s going on there.

“Also, more than 1,000 Ukrainians have come to our community, some of whose children attend my daughter’s school.

“So war may be more relevant to us as a family/community than to some others.

“On attending the Halloween party at my daughter’s school, Ukrainian families were actually asking me to take pictures because they were so surprised by it.

“Their kids also had a shot to play in it, which they loved.

“He was very grateful that I took the time to talk to him and kept thanking me for showing my support. So from the refugees, they are very accepting and there is no problem.”