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aadesh bandekar, Ganesha came down for me, grandmother happy to see aadesh bandekar, don’t miss this video! – aadesh bandekar is on ashtvinayak yatra meets old lady video goes viral SEDI News

Mumbai: For the last 18 years, Bhauji of the Home Minister has been reaching homes. Adesh Bandekar’s popularity is immense. No matter where they go, they get the same experience. He has shared a video on social media. He met a grandmother there.

Adesh Bandekar is currently performing Ashtavinayak Darshan. He has posted a video of himself going to visit Lord Ganesha on Lenyadri hill. While climbing the stairs in it, he saw a grandmother sitting on the side. Bandekar stopped near Aji and asked if he was going down. On that, grandmother said, I am going upstairs for darshan. The companions went ahead.

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Bhauji said, ‘Don’t worry. I will take you.’ Grandmother was happy and blessed Bandekar and said, Ganesha himself has come down for me. Everyone was shocked to hear this spontaneous exclamation of grandmother. Currently this video has gone viral.

The Home Minister program has recently completed 18 years. Then cut the cake with Bhauji along with the actors behind the scenes. At that time Bandekar said, ‘This program started on September 13, 2004. It was not thought that this event, which started for 13 days, would make such a big history. I am lucky enough to be a part of this joyous journey. All the dreams that had come true. This program gave a different blessing.’

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Adesh Bandekar said, ‘There is no program on the world map that speaks to one family every day and runs for so many years.’ This time he was accompanied by the team behind the scenes. Mithilesh, who worked as a spot boy for 18 years, cut the cake. Bandekar said that the program was closed during the Corona period, yet this team remained here. Didn’t go anywhere else.

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