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Abortion due to gang rape in Uttar Pradesh. The victim filed a police complaint for putting the fruit in a plastic containerSEDI News

Puber pen, web desk. Gang-rape has occurred again in Uttar Pradesh, which has created a lot of buzz over violence against women. After Lakhimpur and Pilvit, this time gang-rape is pregnant in Bareilly. Uttar Pradesh’s Bareilly Majhwan incident has again raised questions about Uttar Pradesh’s security.

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The woman miscarried due to rape. She was three months pregnant. The victim took the aborted fetus in a plastic container and filed a complaint with the police. The police arrested 2 accused in the case

The husband of the victim told the police that the woman went to the field near the farm. The accused took her from there. After that they raped her. The accused lives in the victim’s village.

According to the locals, the housewife got into an argument with the accused over some issues. Maybe it happened because of him.

During the preliminary investigation, the police assumed that this incident happened due to some anger. Police officer Rajkumar Agarwal assured that the investigation into the incident has started. The culprits will be punished as soon as possible

Earlier on September 9, a Dalit girl was gang-raped in Pilvit, Uttar Pradesh Not only that, the accused set the victim on fire for loss of evidence She died after 12 days in the hospital.