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Aji Mukli is the India-Bhuta border crossing in Assam that was closed last year.SEDI News

Festive atmosphere at the Chandrupjankhar entrance of the Indo-Bhutan border. Due to the Covid-19 situation, the India-Bhutan border crossings with Bhutan have been closed for the past year and reopened after the Chamdrup Jangkad border crossing in Assam’s Tamulpur district. Commercial trade has been suspended due to the closure of the Ah-Jah border post between Assam and the friendly country of Bhutan. Even the closure of Chamdrup Jangkhar, the capital of the East-Bhutan border of present-day Tamulpur district, destroyed the commercial infrastructure of Daranga Mela Chaharkhan. Daranga Mela, Nagorno-Karabakh Daranga businessmen were looking for new jobs after the businessmen’s livelihood was shut down.

The Covid situation was somewhat relaxed and vehicular traffic was allowed through Bhutan, although the doors were not opened due to the general public and tourists in Assam. Today Gelefu (Dadagiri-Hatisaar) Namlang and Panbang of Baksa, Chamdrup of Tamulpur district, Jangkha main entrance of Khol canal are also known for commercial trade on the border of BTR region of India-Bhutan border.

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It should be noted that the representatives of the two countries, Hai BTR and Bhutan Charkar, opened the entrances to the canal. As a result, all border traders are excited about the opening of Chamdrup Jangkha entry in Tamulpur district today. In the past, the Indian people have seen the sari patan in Bhutan.

According to Janib Para, Bhutan has also established a BIRD SANCTUARY and various tourist spots to capture the country’s biodiversity for tourism purposes. Of course, you can enter the Museum of Indian Art by following certain rules and regulations. In Epin, especially at Chamdrup Jhangkha gate in Tamulpur district, border traders are seen enthusiastically. There are already more than 1000 shop owners in Daranga NK, all of them are closed for a year and are going to open the shop as soon as possible. Soon before those good days, both Ahak Buli gave hope to all.

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