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Anarchy must be sung to the end – AndhrajyotiSEDI News

    Anarchy must sing its last song
Leaders distribute leaflets at Dadireddipally

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Pamur, September 22: TDP mandala president Puvwadi Venkateshwarlu, former ZPTC member Bolla Malyadrichudhary and M. Hussain Rao Yadav P. warned that people should sing the anthems of the YCP ruling an anarchist regime. The Badudebadudu program was organized in the village of Dadireddipalli mandala on Thursday of the week. He said that Jagan was defrauding the farmers who had purchased land for the capital. He said that Jagan Reddy, who did not fixate on one capital, ruined the development of the state in three years, saying that he would build three capitals. He said that it was evil to prevent the pada yatra farmers from obeying the orders given by the courts on Amaravati and to intimidate them by taking legal action against them. If the YCP wants to free itself from the anarchist and tyrannical regime, Chandra Babu must return as chief minister. He said that it is the TDP that will develop the state and solve the problems of the poor. People said that they have an obligation to make sure that the TDP wins the upcoming elections. He said that in YCP’s three years of existence, along with the prices of basic necessities, electricity bills have skyrocketed. Pamphlets promoting the YCP’s anti-women policies were distributed door to door. The program was attended by Addusu Malli Prabhakar Chowdhury, Syed Amir Babu, Sheikh Hajarahantullah, Poka Naidu Babu, Golla Veera Babu, Village Party Chairman Kalluri Thirupatayah, Vinjam Kondaya, Abburi Seshaya, Vinjam Pullayah.


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