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Army Chief Asim Munir Sahir Zardari Intervention? | Future ImranSEDI News

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At this time, General Bajwa’s retirement and going home is a suicide mission for him. Imran Khan criticizes him day and night and now he will play the role of scapegoat in Pakistani politics. I think they have lost the game of politics and posturing, Muzamil Suhrawardy

Regarding General Sahir Shamshad, there were doubts within the League (N), which was removed by Asif Zardari. Mr. Zardari also explained to the government that you should encourage number one and number two, there will be no objection from any side, Murtaza Solangi.

When Asif Zardari was the president of the country and met with the leaders of the People’s Party, this case was brought to court. At that time, the court had also decided that the president could not meet the leaders of the party. What is the status of Imran Khan today, the President spoke to him, Raza Rumi