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Avian influenza reported in SaskatchewanSEDI News

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture’s chief veterinary officer issued an animal health order Wednesday after several cases of avian influenza (bird flu) were confirmed in the province.

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The order is in effect until October 21, and restricts the movement of birds to shows, auctions, fairs and any other event where birds from multiple locations are brought together.

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After the situation reaches the deadline, it will be re-evaluated and extended as needed.

A map on the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) website shows the containment zone established to limit the spread of the infection, which is near Hepburn and Petrofka, north of Saskatoon.

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The disease can affect food-producing birds such as chickens and turkeys, but it can also infect domestic and wild birds and, in rare cases, people, the ministry said.

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He added that proactive measures such as preventing contact between poultry and wild birds, limiting visitors to barns and regularly monitoring birds for signs of illness can help prevent the spread of disease.

The CFIA has a list of ways to prevent disease on its website, adding that producers who notice unusual rates of disease or death should contact their local veterinarian.

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