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Azam Swati’s open cry is a slap in the face of our collective conscience SEDI News

One afternoon in 1972, while giving an interview to the famous British journalist Sir David Frost in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, a 52-year-old Bengali man was crying like a child while looking at a picture. This person was Sheikh Mujibur Rehman. The picture that Sheikh Mujeeb was crying after seeing was the picture of atrocities on Bengalis during the 1971 civil war.

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He was sobbing and helplessly saying that mountains of cruelty had been unleashed on innocent Bengalis, even women and children were not spared. Not only this, the extreme of brutality was that innumerable women were also raped.

At the hands of one Muslim nation against another Muslim nation, who lived with them in the same country since the Pakistan Movement till 1971, but they were treated so inhumanely that it still makes the listeners cringe.

Along with the sobs of Sheikh Mujib, the angry voice of General Amir Abdullah Niazi was heard from somewhere saying, “I will replace the generation of this bastard nation”. The Bengali people saved their race and their country, but paper lions like Niazi became a sign of humiliation and disgrace at the hands of their own country and nation. While studying in the UK, he bowed his head in shame when asked by foreign friends about human rights violations in East Pakistan in a human rights essay. A voice was coming from inside the heart and conscience that no, no, it cannot be us.

But seeing Senator Azam Swati crying today on November 5, the heart has come to believe that it was us. On October 12, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Senator Azam Swati from Swat was arrested from his home by the FIA ​​after he made allegations against Pakistan’s security agencies and criticized the military leadership.

In February 2022, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government passed a law in parliament that criminalized criticism of Pakistan’s armed forces and imposed a 5-year sentence for the crime. Ever since Azam Swati has been out on bail, he has been constantly telling the media and the public about his treatment.

Earlier they said that they had been beaten naked and humiliated. He also said that he was exposed in front of his family and children. Azam Swati said that after this incident, he is no longer a living person but has remained as a corpse. He held the top officials of Pakistan’s security agencies responsible for the entire incident and told the media and public about them by naming them.

At the shameful level Pakistan has reached in respect of human rights, this kind of behavior has become the norm of the police and other security agencies. A nation that has no problem with losing half the country and 80,000 people being martyred in the war against terrorism, what problem can it have with exposing a person in front of his family? But what Azam Swati has said in a press conference today on November 5, if he cannot wake up the nation of living corpses, then nature should send Ababel and treat us the same way it treated the elephants.

In today’s press conference, a heartbroken Azam Swati said that a video has been made of him and his wife in very private moments. He was crying profusely while telling this shameful thing that he was told about this video by his daughter on whose mobile phone someone sent this video. Today, the 66-year-old senator of Pakistan was crying helplessly just like a Bengali politician was crying in Dhaka 49 years ago.

The agony Azam Swati and his family are going through is impossible to imagine. Azam Swati’s crying in front of the media and the entire nation is a slap on the face of the entire nation. If a senator can be treated like this, then how safe can the common man feel?

Such an incident is not happening for the first time in the history of Pakistan. The influential and powerful circles of Pakistan have been involved in such incidents for decades. But the question is that when the world has progressed so much in science and technology that now investigation can be done through modern technology, why Pakistani institutions are stuck on using shameful videos and inhumane and inhuman tactics. are By committing such immoral crimes, the powerful institutions are turning their citizens into enemies of the country and traitors and this process is still going on. But politicians are equally naked in this bath.

When the honor of the opponents is touched, they continue to watch the spectacle as silent spectators and live in a fool’s paradise, thinking that this will never happen to them.

This series of shameful cruelty is very long and Azam Swati Sahib is not the first person to be a victim of it, but many politicians and human rights activists have been treated like this before him. Senior politicians like Javed Hashmi and Pervez Rashid were caught, stripped and beaten. Tehreek-e-Insaf’s Shahbaz Gul had said that during detention, electric current was applied to his private parts and he was subjected to sexual violence. Institutions of Pakistan talk about fifth generation and hybrid warfare, but to teach people a lesson, they have adopted the method of Jahiliyyah. Picking up people illegally and then playing with their dignity is a very evil method that can neither silence anyone nor use anyone to fulfill their nefarious purposes. . Rather, on the contrary, people affected by such behavior stand up against the state and its institutions with more resistance. When you hurt someone’s pride, they’re out to get rid of you. Sheikh Saadi said that when a weak and helpless cat is forced and helpless, it attacks a lion as well.

When such tactics were adopted against the leaders of the Muslim League (N), considered a special party of the establishment in the past, they stood up against the state institutions and their resistance made them an ideological party. Similarly, Tehreek-e-Insaaf, which used to fly on the wings of the establishment when its leaders are being treated the same, is reacting violently by flouting the state institutions and positioning itself as an anti-establishment party. But it is done. But who is losing in this? Will anyone ask this question to those who expose people and those who make embarrassing videos?

Seeing Azam Swati crying reminded me a lot of the late Mushahidullah Khan, who had addressed Tehreek-e-Insaaf and stood in the same senate, of which Azam Swati is also a part now, and said that we are bearing the oppression of our share. But remember that there will come a time when there will be no one to wipe your tears. Mushahidullah Khan also said that if anyone wipes your tears, it will be people like us who have already been subjected to such brutality. Now, where is such honor left in the politicians of Pakistan when the martyr Ms. Benazir Bhutto expelled Rana Sanaullah from the party because he had spoken inappropriately about Maryam Nawaz in Chiniot.

When Nawaz Sharif used to be the special coach of the powerful circles, he also left no stone unturned to insult the opponents. In Parliament, a stinking character like Sheikh Rasheed was called for defaming Benazir Bhutto’s character and making embarrassing remarks on her. When the immoral pictures of Benazir Bhutto were dropped from the planes, then Bibi Shaheed told Nawaz Sharif to do as much as you can bear in your turn.

Human history is replete with countless instances where the powerful tried to bully the weaker sections and then the weaker sections in response forced the power to its knees. The military dictators of Pakistan continued to ridicule the Bengalis. Racial slurs were thrown at them and they were called ugly and uncivilized.

The beloved leaders of the Bengali nation, Maulana Bhashani, Hussain Shaheed Suhrawardy, AK Fazlul Haq and Sheikh Mujbur Rehman were mistreated, which created a sense of deprivation and disrespect among the Bengalis. In the presidential referendum against Ayub Khan, the Bengalis of East Pakistan enthusiastically supported Ms. Fatima Jinnah, but her vote was defeated. The day after the election, the headline in Dhaka’s biggest newspaper was that 10 crore people lost and one person won. Today, a similar incident is happening in Balochistan, which is being tried to be suppressed by force, but the movement is not stopping.

The need today is to shut down this factory which is bent on exposing and disrespecting national leaders, politicians and ordinary citizens to keep Pakistan safe. For a country like Pakistan surrounded by security problems, it is inevitable that the people and politicians stand with its institutions. For this, institutions and powerful circles have to be stopped from playing with people’s self-respect. To be punished for centuries for a few moments of unbridled power is nothing but folly.