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Big News About Transfers Of Third Grade Teachers…Minister Said This | Big news about the transfers of third grade teachers… the minister himself said this SEDI News

Dr. Kalla said that the policies of different states for the transfer of third grade teachers are being studied. After this, after finalizing a policy, transfers will be done after approval from the cabinet. The main obstacle in this is to be recruited on district merit and their seniority is getting affected. For this it has also been suggested that on moving from one district to another, the seniority will become zero. For this, the teacher willing to transfer should be ready. Second handicap, widow-abandonment, suffering from cancer and serious illness and transfers should be made in special cases. Transfers can be done within the district, but now they will be done only after finalizing the policy. Dr. Kalla said that during the tenure of the present government, third class transfers will definitely take place, but it will take time.

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Congress on the path of BJP

About 65 thousand third grade teachers are in the queue for transfers in the state. It is not possible to transfer such a large number in the education department. Most of them are such teachers, who have migrated to other leading districts due to low merit in the backward districts in terms of education. Now if they are transferred to home districts, then there will be no teachers in many districts like Barmer, Jaisalmer and Sirohi. The Congress government of the state wants to take political advantage by transfer, but after seeing its risk, it takes a step back.

According to sources, the Chief Minister and the cabinet had agreed some time back to make some necessary transfers of the third class. Meanwhile, some senior officials of the state put the matter of the previous BJP government before the CM. The BJP had made a few thousand transfers in the last six months of the government’s tenure. The transfers should not be disputed, so it was suggested to transfer the Congress government on the same pattern. On which transfers have been postponed for six months at present.

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