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Broken chairs.. Blasted roof..SEDI News

The India-Australia T20 match will take place on Sunday at Uppal Stadium in Hyderabad. Those who have purchased tickets for the match will face problems at the stadium. With only two days left before the match, the HCA failed miserably in all preparations. Inside the stadium, broken chairs and dusty chairs are visible everywhere. Not to mention repairing the broken chairs, Nadhu was left with no way to clean the chairs full of dust from the storm. Due to the lack of proper maintenance, the roof of the stadium has risen due to strong winds.

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The match was last played at Uppal Stadium in 2019. Because of the Corona, the matches did not take place after that, and there were no people for whom it was important. Even those who come to watch cricket, having paid about 10,000 rupees, are forced to sit on dusty chairs. It is noteworthy that when the media drew Azharuddin’s attention to this case, HCA did not have money to repair it.