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…but I said I would come again; We did correct program – Devendra Fadnavis statement!| I said I would come again We did correct program Devendra Fadnavis statement msr 87 SEDI News

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Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis attended the launch of Awatade Sugars’ first sugarcane season and farmers’ gathering at Mangalvedha in Solapur today (Friday). At this time, he mentioned his famous phrase “I will come again” during his speech. Moreover, Mahavikas Aghadi was also challenged saying that we have done the correct programme.

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Speaking at the event, Deputy Chief Minister Fadnavis said, “When Sudhakar Paricharak was contesting the elections and at that time I had come to hold a meeting. I promised in that meeting that I will do the Mangalvedha Upsa Sanchan Yojana which will provide water to our 24 villages. After giving that assurance, the government left. But I said I will come again and I am waiting for your plan to come again. The central government did not even move the file. Again, with your blessings, you elected Sahadhan Dada. Again I gave the same assurance in the meeting of Satshaddad that we will do this work and I am very happy. That with the blessings of all of you we are doing what was said that 106th day correct program. We did the correct program and with your blessings, with the blessings of Panduranga, the government came. As soon as the government came in, we accelerated the scheme to a large extent.”

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Apart from this, we have to implement the mission of natural farming in our state in the coming period. The farmer himself will prepare all the things required for his farming in his farm. He will not have to buy anything from outside and this will not affect his productivity anywhere. On the contrary, its productivity will increase, we are starting such a natural farming work in the coming period. I believe it will greatly help our farmers to become Sujlam, Suphalam.” Fadnavis also gave such information on this occasion.