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Can you believe this is a doctor’s prescription? Pearl characters understandable to everyoneSEDI News

If we don’t feel well, we go to the hospital. After doing tests there, he will write a prescription for medicine. If you take it to a medical store, they will give you medicine. But no one understands the prescription written by the doctors. No one can read it except the doctor who wrote it… the pharmacist who introduced it. This letter is so confusing. Looks messy. Like crazy doodles of little kids.. messy. But if a doctor in Kerala writes… everyone will understand. What is this drug? How many? Full details on when to wear it… will be understood here. He writes medical prescriptions so well. It is very easy to read because it is written in capital letters. Dr. Nitin Narayanan is a pediatrician at the community health center in Palakkad. Its homeland is Padiyur in the Thrissur region. Studied MBBS at Thrissur Medical College. He received his doctorate in medicine from the Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research. Jawaharlal (JIPMER). For the last three years he has been a doctor at Palakkad CHC. Although many agencies claim that physicians should write prescriptions in a way that patients can understand, many people do not write prescriptions clearly. Dirty is spelled confusing. But Nitin Narayanan is not like everyone else. The prescription is written in capital letters so that it is understandable to both the managers of the first-aid post and the patients. In capital letters… the details of the medicines he wrote are very easy to understand.

Nitin Narayanan said that patients are confused because they do not understand the doctor’s prescription… with the intention of avoiding such trouble… he writes in capital letters on the medicine sheet. He said that his handwriting had been very good since childhood. He wrote round and clear. He said that even after becoming a doctor, he continues to do so. The prescription he gave to a patient has now gone viral on social media. It contains four types of drugs. It is clear what medicine to take, at what dose … how many times … how many days. Netizens praise the drug ticket. They comment how good it would be if doctors like you were everywhere. Other doctors also feel they should follow Nitin Narayanan.

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