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Controversy over Rahul’s picture with hijab-wearing girl, Congress hits back at BJP spokespersonSEDI News

Puber’s pen, webdesk. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi walked with a Muslim girl wearing a hijab in the program “Bharat Joro Yatra”. BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra sarcastically tweeted about this picture and the Congress also responded to him. Sharing Rahul’s photo on his Twitter account, Sambit wrote: “When votes are ‘counted’ based on religion… it’s called Toshan.”

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The Congress leader wants to strengthen the Muslim vote bank by walking alongside a Muslim girl.

The Congress has responded to this criticism of the BJP. Thiruvananthapuram MP Shashi Tharoor, who is one of the contenders for the post of Congress president, praised Rahul’s picture, saying that Rahul’s behavior towards the child is very cute. He wrote on Twitter: “The girl is small.” And he is too late to be part of the vote bank. Please free him from your narrow mindedness. What Rahul has done is simple behavior towards a child. Let the BJP learn to see him beyond people’s beliefs. That’s what we do.”

Congress is conducting Bharat Joro Yatra in 12 states of the country. A few days ago, Rahul said that this trip is not just a political plan. This journey is personal to him.

His purpose in participating in this trip is to better understand himself and this “beautiful” country. And its reflection was seen in the new film.

Congress spokesperson Supriya Srinath scolded Sambit Patra. You are saving at least one child. I understand that your head is spinning after seeing the huge crowd on the Bharat Joro Yatra. So you are immersed in the politics of hate. Jairam Ramesh tweeted again.

Congress leader Pawan Khera said that dividing people on the basis of clothes, they can never be patriotic, are actually Modi-bhaks. We have found the dividers of India so far. Yogendra Yadav, the founder of the Swaraj Party, published a collage of the march led by Rahul Gandhi. Wrote glasses for people with poor eyesight to see better. Rahul Gandhi is said to have started his 150-day Bharat Joro journey from Kanyakumari.


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