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double xl teaser, until now we used to have children, now Sonakshi and Huma have done this work together, you will be shocked to see – double xl teaser starring huma qureshi sonakshi sinha releases SEDI News

Mumbai- No matter how much the wind of equality between boys and girls is blowing, even today we see boys teasing and teasing girls. Girls have to listen to boys’ taunts about body shaming. But imagine a boy walking down the street and two girls teasing him about his body shape.

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What does this picture look like? Actresses Sonakshi Sinha and Huma Qureshi are now going to do what boys used to do for girls. His new movie Double XL is coming soon. As soon as the teaser of this movie was released, we got a glimpse of how the girls will tease the boys by teasing them.

The story of the movie Double XL revolves around how girls will tease boys, talk to them based on their body type, and because of that the boys can understand the pain girls face. Huma Qureshi and Sonakshi Sinha will be seen in this movie. Till date many jokes are made in public places about the body shape, figure and size of girls and women. Men taunt such women. This movie shows what would happen if women did the same thing to men.

As soon as the teaser was released, the audience has given a huge response on social media. Female netizens expressed their interest in the comments that they will see this topic on the screen. In the teaser, Huma and Sonakshi are seen sitting on a bench. They are shown mocking men’s bulging bellies, fat. They are also asking what men who want women to have slimmer waists would do if they made similar demands.

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Huma and Sonakshi have gained weight for the movie Double XL. Because he wanted to look gross in this movie. Sonakshi emphasized on eating to gain 20 kg weight for the film. This movie will be released on October 14. Huma and Sonakshi are all set to make body-shaming comments on boys who tease girls for body-shaming in the society.

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