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Excise officials raid villages – AndhrajyotiSEDI News

Excise inspectors raid villages
Excise staff disposes of palm sugar

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15 liters of goodumba.. 400 liters of jaggery destroyed

Pembi, September 22: Excise officials raided the villages of Ankena and Rayadari Mandala on Thursday. On this occasion, Excise Commissioner Ravikumar stated that the raids were carried out on the orders of Adilabad Assistant Commissioner Srinivasa Reddy and 15 liters of goodumba and 400 liters of jaggery were destroyed in the raids. He said that cases had been opened against Boda Anu Shabai, Dhanawat Vijay and Guglavat Khanjabai. Excise workers Prakash, Sai, Ravinder, Bhaskar, Rajasekar participated in this program.


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