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Goan drug lord Steve arrestedSEDI News

As part of the investigation into the case of Pritesh Borkar..

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HNU who was arrested and moved to the city

Hyderabad, September 23 (Andhra Jyoti): John Steven D’Souza, aka Steve (60), a Goan hotel manager accused of drug trafficking, was arrested by the Hyderabad Narcotics Department and Osmania University police. Details of the case were revealed at the CP office on Friday along with HNU DCP Chakraborty and DCP East Zone Sunil Dutt. Prominent Goan drug dealer Pritish Narayan Borkar was arrested by HNU and Osmania University police on August 16 when he came to the city to supply drugs. According to the information he provided, along with the names of drug suppliers in Goa (Tukaram Salgovkar, aka Nana, Vikas Naik, aka Vicky, Ramesh Chauhan, Steve, Eddin Nunisa), data were collected on 600 people who regularly buy drugs. 162 cases were reported and were directed at large drug smugglers. In this regard, the HNU police along with the Osmania police reached Goa. Steve, the manager of the Hilltop Pub and Restaurant on Anjuna Beach in Goa, was arrested with the help of the Goan police. He was taken to court and taken to the city on a PTI warrant. According to information provided by Borkar, other drug dealers in Goa will soon be arrested, Chakraborty told HNU DCP.

African arrested for selling drugs

HNU police have arrested Sumant, a drug dealer, along with Anthony (50) from Ghana, who is a key player in the city’s drug trade. They seized drugs worth 2 million rupees.