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History will remember good and bad decisions, judiciary should not repeat mistakes, Chief Justice Athar Minullah. SEDI News

Islamabad: Chief Justice Islamabad High Court Athar Minullah has said that history will remember all good and bad decisions, it is necessary that the judiciary does not repeat its mistakes.

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Political leadership must negotiate for political stability, Chief Justice

According to Hum News, Chief Justice Islamabad High Court said this while addressing the 9th International Judicial Conference.

He said that he consulted the judges to improve the role of the judiciary in the establishment of law and order, as an institution, there will also be shortcomings in the High Court, the judiciary also disqualified the elected political representatives under Article 62 One F.

Chief Justice Athar Manullah said that many people consider the judiciary to be a powerful circle, power is not for personal purposes but for the public interest, the decisions of the judiciary should be free from politics, judges must uphold the constitution and their oath. If you do, the problems will end.

Interference in the Speaker’s work is very difficult, PTI should go back to the Assembly, Chief Justice

He said that the division in the judiciary is intolerable, the parliament is supreme, the judiciary always respects the parliament, the judiciary is burdened with pending cases, they do not take action against those who criticize the performance of the judiciary, in the Islamabad High Court. It has started taking public opinion to make improvements.

Chief Justice Athar Minullah said that a civil judge works from 8 am to evening, if the executive improves his work then the court will not need to interfere in political matters, all stakeholders to improve the justice system. Ready to work together.

Every government is concerned about media freedom, Chief Justice Islamabad High Court

According to Hum News, the Chief Justice of Islamabad High Court while speaking said that decisions were given to justify the implementation of martial law by swearing oath on the constitution, the courts should perform their duties in such a way that no finger should be lifted. could


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