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How to export..?

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Air Cargo at Visakhapatnam Airport

Ignorant state government

To other cities along the way

From there abroad

Transport costs a lot

(Vishakhapatnam-Andra Jyoti)

Visakhapatnam district has many industrial enterprises. From here goods are regularly exported. However, there are no conditions for transportation by air. The state government, which claims to prioritize the development of Visakhapatnam, does not care about the problems of the local industry. In the past, international flights were used to transport goods from Visakhapatnam. There was a special operator. Products have been exported to Singapore, Dubai, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. After Corona, none of the others, apart from one Singapore flight, were reinstated. This made it impossible to send goods from here to foreign countries. Against this background, the operator left because he could not pay hundreds of rupees for rent. Since there are no foreign flights, “special air cargo services” must be operated, at least domestically, to send goods to important cities such as Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi. Even this attempt does not occur.

Regular export by road

More than 100 pharmaceutical companies in the Visakhapatnam Special Economic Zone in Duvwad, AP SEZ in Achyutapuram, Brandix and Visakha Pharmacy ship their products by road. Pharmaceutical companies export their products to foreign countries from Chennai and Hyderabad by at least ten trucks every day. In addition, ready-to-wear garments made by 20,000 female workers are transported by Brandix to Chennai by road and from there shipped to foreign countries. The same goes for seafood. Many other industries export in a similar way.

ok guarantee…

Meetings with industrialists are held whenever the leader of the ruling party changes in Visakhapatnam. We will solve your problems. “We will provide the facilities,” but no efforts are being made in this direction. Information Technology and Industry Minister Gudivada Amarnath is from the field but sees no benefit in it. Do not pay attention to other leaders of the ruling party. The airport administration is also working accordingly.

Cargo planes next door

Interested organizations are trying to provide services from Visaha Airport, but do not give permission. At this point, they stop trying and turn to nearby airports. SpiceJet recently applied for permission to operate special domestic cargo flights from Rajahmundry and Vijayawada. Industry sources say they are trying to operate from nearby airports as there is demand in Visakhapatnam but no permits have been given. Criticism is coming that the ruling party is blowing up Visakhapatnam Airport before an international airport is built at Bhogapuram. Industry groups are concerned that the Center is also indirectly contributing to this and they are losing because of it.