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I didn’t meet KCR..Congress candidate Palvai Shravanti who ruined the newsSEDI News

Earlier, Congress candidate Palvai Shravanti reacted to the news that the CM had met with the KCR. I have not met KChR. She said it was a BJP conspiracy. If you have the guts, take on the girl who competes. I am immediately suing NTV, which broadcast this. Palwai Sravanti reacted a little seriously, saying that the organization that covers such news has collapsed, and the one who published this news has collapsed. I spoke to our lawyer about the fake news campaign and she said they would send a notice to NTV soon.

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Party with moral values. Today I am fighting in elections with the moral values ​​that I learned from my father. He said it was nothing short of your madness to think that you would silence us or sap our morale by delivering such news. Many people called me in the morning. I strongly condemn such news. Palvai Shravanti came to the conclusion that there is no room for complacency. I just exercised my right to vote in my village. However, at present, the voting here is peaceful. I will also visit other villages in the district. Palvai Shravanti said that if there are any problems in the arrangements, he will bring this to the attention of the EC.
In previous by-elections, Palvai Shravanti criticized the fake news published by Thodudongalu, Maia Marichlu and Terasa BJP together. @palvaiINC Legal action against those who published fake news!
Shame on KCR and BJP! Can’t win the thief is playing! pic.twitter.com/Xpo2Rz01Jk
— Telangana Congress (@INCTelangana) November 3, 2022
The Mulugu MLA Sitakka Congress also reacted to the news. Appeal to former voters. In the past, BJP leaders have used fake news videos during Dubback’s campaign. Even now, fake news has been created on the channel that earlier Congress candidate Palvai Shravanti met with KCR. Voters, take note of this. Sithakka said that the Congress candidate must defeat Shravanti and the Congress party is the party of the poor.

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The same bogus campaign that BJP TRS ran on Election Day in Dubbaka against Congress is being carried out today in Munugodu, BJP is calling on Munugodu voters to cancel the vicious poison campaign that the Congress party candidate sold to Munugodu???? ????#munugode pic.twitter.com/Ey6nVkHxWp

— Danasari Anasuya (Sitakka) (@seethakkaMLA) November 3, 2022

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