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If the girl is taught, who should leave the security in the trust? | If the girl is taught, who should leave the security in the trust? | marathi news SEDI News

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  • If The Girl Is Taught, Who Should Leave The Security In The Trust? | Marathi News

Aurangabad3 days ago

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This shameful incident in the hostel of Chandigarh University is being discussed all over the country and some girls even tried to commit suicide out of shame. Although the administration denies it, the indifference of some institutions may be behind this mismanagement. Who should the girls and their parents believe? Some time ago, in the Balika Griha case, the district superintendent and the home guard were accused of threatening the girls and sending them to the homes of influential people. A CBI investigation found the allegations to be true. It means that the organization cannot be trusted, let alone the individual. Staring girls from weaker sections and killing them after rape is common in villages. Even after the Hathras incident, another such incident has taken place in Lakhimpur this month, flouting the Constitution and the law. In one state, parents in villages openly defied the law, stopped sending their daughters to school and married them off at an early age. Dozens of rape stories are heard every month threatening to go viral on social media. Due to shame and public embarrassment, these girls do not tell their parents about the abuse they face for months and end up committing suicide. Even if the parents know the truth and go to the police to report them, in most cases they are dismissed or they are given the rude advice that prosecuting them will humiliate you and your daughter. Even today, girls in India will not be given free education or job environment?

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