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If the intentions are right then one can do good to the societySEDI News

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KARACHI: Even if you don’t have money, you can do good for the community if you have the right intention. A press release stated that Hasin Sarwar proved this to be true.
We met him and here is his story He got some pictures of flood devastation in Goth Jamali District Jafarabad Balochistan.
He circulated those pictures in his group and one of his Canadian Pakistani friends Farmuz replied that he arranged money from his other Canadian friends and moved a truck with 100 tents and rations for 100 families from Karachi in 3 days.
The situation was so bad that the entire mission was not possible without Nabeel and his young group of friends as they volunteered to travel in a truck.
Goods were sent by tractor trolleys for the last 2 km to the village as the road was under water.
After this more money was donated by the friends and family of Hasin Sarwar and Famuz so after 7 days two more trucks were sent to the villages of Qazi Ahmed and Saidabad in Sindh with 200 tents and ration for 200 families plus 1000 bottles of drinking water.
May God bless Hasin Sarwar and people like him who helped the flood victims by themselves without any organization.

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