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Impact of climate change, heat waves on animals SEDI News

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Nagpur : Climate change is making heat waves more intense. Not only is it affecting humans, but it is now being seen that it is affecting animals as well. Animals are also struggling to survive the rising temperatures. Interestingly, climate change is making these young animals more vulnerable than older animals. This information has emerged from a study conducted at the University of New South Wales in Sydney.

The study focused on ‘ectotherms’ or cold-blooded animals. More than 99 percent of the animals on Earth were included. Includes fish, reptiles, amphibians and insects. The body temperature of these animals reflects the outside temperature. So when heat waves occur, they can become more dangerously hot. A species’ ability to adapt to temperature is important. Climate change can have dramatic effects on biodiversity as a whole. Therefore, to prevent global warming, it is necessary to urgently reduce greenhouse gas emissions and human efforts to protect animals from heat waves, the study also said.

Death by chance..

During a heat wave, the body temperature of animals increases to such an extent that they may even die. Animals may lose the ability to walk or swim. Affects mainly embryos and young animals. Also, animals living on land are affected more than animals living in water. They would not have developed the ability to adapt to heat. Young animals exposed to high temperatures are not equipped to cope with future high temperatures. The study also found that young and cold-blooded animals are struggling to cope with rising temperatures.