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Inhuman! Banaria Hatik was killed in the town of Baksa on the Indo-Bhutan border.SEDI News

Muchalpur. The killing of a wild elephant near the India-Bhutan border in Baksa region has caused a backlash. This crime was committed by tying people named Bichon Guyari. Elephants kill people by connecting electricity to rice fields. Even in Bichon Gayari, efforts were made to cut the trunks of dead elephants.

The incident took place at Chibru Bari under the Batbari Forest Regional Office in Jilakhan. Forestry employees have already arrived at the scene. According to Janib Para, a traditional daily named Bichon Gayari, a resident of Chibru Bari on the India-Bhutan Zillakhan border, was in trouble in the hands of Banaria. After the forest area they used to do Tahilang Kari by hand. This caused a fire and the farmer’s house caught fire and electric cables were connected. Unfortunately, Nisha wandered into the forest in search of food, but the elephant was electrocuted and died.

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It is noteworthy that in Bichon Gayari, efforts were being made to cut the elephant’s tusks, even though the incident was reported to the forest department. Today, after hearing the news about the incident, the officers of Puai Forest Department arrived at the scene of the incident. When the forest department reached the scene and started the investigation, the killer surrendered in panic.

According to Bichon Gayari killer Janib Dia, Khetidara, who collected Muir’s sweat on the ground, used wireless electricity as a means of inflicting harm. As a result, the elephant died. He was trying to make up his own mind to talk about the matter. After that Navari Raizak was killed and surrendered on Raizak’s advice. It is noteworthy that the daily rains in the border areas destroyed houses and destroyed a large number of enterprises. Even elephant attacks on Keibajano people have resulted in death in the past.

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