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Interesting T-20 World CupSEDI News

T-20 World Cup has become more interesting. Varuna’s game is going on like never before. Despite the fact that there are only six matches left in the Super League stage… so far no team has reached the semi-finals. In group-1, the main competition is between New Zealand, England and Australia. These three teams are equal for 5 points each. If these three teams win the last match, they will advance to the semi-finals thanks to their running speed.

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A win against Ireland, who have a huge run, will secure the spot. There is a chance to lose, but… Australia should not win the last match. Australia will play Afghanistan in another match. On the other hand, Lanka, fourth in the points table, is also likely to advance to the semi-finals. The team must defeat England in the last match. In doing so, New Zealand must lose to Australia or Ireland in the hands of Afghanistan. Ireland and Afghanistan have already dropped out of the race.

Group-2 also includes four teams. If India, which is at the top of the points table, and South Africa, which is in second position, win their last matches, they will advance directly to the semi-finals. India has a chance even if they lose. But in South Africa and Pakistan, the team must win. If India loses a thousand… If South Africa and Pakistan win… South Africa will advance to the semi-finals. At the same time, India and Pakistan caught up with six points. However, the team is likely to advance to the semi-finals depending on the running speed. Bangladesh, who are behind in running, must defeat Pakistan to advance to the semi-finals. South Africa must lose.