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Ishaq Dar will come to Pakistan next week and become Finance Minister in October. SEDI News

Renowned journalist and analyst Najam Sethi says that there is going to be reconciliation between the establishment and the current government and its effects will start to be seen next month. Next month Pakistan will get one to two billion in international aid, the IMF will ease its conditions and Ishaq Dar will be back home before next Friday. The accountability court today suspended him so that he can come back and fight his case. He said that Ishaq Dar will first go to the Senate and take oath and then become the Finance Minister early next month.

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Najam Sethi, while breaking the news of Ishaq Dar’s return in Naya Dur TV’s talk show ‘Khabar Se Aya’, said that Nawaz Sharif is sending him back to his country for a special purpose. There are two big expectations from Ishaq Dar. One is that they will control the high flight of the dollar and they can do this because they have controlled the value of the dollar twice before. First time in 1998 and second time in 2013. Another expectation from them would be to negotiate with the IMF to bring down inflation so as to provide relief to the people. He said that Ishaq Dar is coming back as a challenge and if he succeeds in bringing relief to the people, then the government will become stronger. Imran Khan is afraid of this.

Najam Sethi said that Nawaz Sharif wants to reduce the anger of the people by fixing the economy and thus the reputation of (N) League will also improve. It has been decided that the election will not be held yet. If Imran Khan still wants to do it, he will have to overthrow this government by force. Bring the revolution they say, otherwise the elections will not be held soon. According to me, Khan Sahib has played his cards wrong. They have burned their boats by criticizing the establishment so openly. Animal, Mr. X, Mr. Y, Coward, Patriot. After all these things, the establishment has backed away from them.

Regarding the appointment of the Army Chief, Najam Sethi said that I think the Army Chief should come with the agreement of the three parties, otherwise this country will suffer a lot.