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ISIS joins US women. 20 years imprisonmentSEDI News

Puber Kalm Web Desk. The American court sentenced American Alison Fluke Akren to 20 years in prison for leading and training a female battalion of the IS terrorist group.

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Allison, 42, lives in Kansas. Eight years against him Ray Iraq; There have been accusations of terrorist activity in Syria and Libya. Ellison admitted to giving military training to more than 100 women. Children under 10 years old are also among them. Ellison pleaded guilty in a US court last June.

On Tuesday, the US federal court in Virginia made a final decision on Ellison’s sentence. Before passing the sentence, the prosecutors said: He should be given the maximum punishment prescribed by law. On the other hand; His lawyers asked for a reduced sentence and said: He was “traumatized” by the war.

Allison is a resident of Kansas, a small community in the American Midwest. The US Department of Justice says: He worked as a teacher before leaving the country. According to the US Department of Justice and public records: Alison moved to the Middle East with her second husband. After her husband was killed in battle, she became an active member of IS. Within 4 years, she became a female leader and organizer of IS. The total number of US citizens who joined IS is still unclear. However, research from George Washington University shows: About 300 have gone or attempted to go to Syria or Iraq.

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