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Javed Ansari’s life saved due to Ayushman Bharat card SEDI News

Ayushman card is being made with public awareness

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On making the card, you will get the facility of treatment up to Rs 5 lakh

Motihari, 23 September

On the occasion of Ayushman Bharat Day, various activities of public awareness and publicity are being organized in the district by Prachar Rath. Ayushman card is being made for the eligible beneficiaries of the district. The benefit of Ayushman card is given by Mohd of Ward No. 16 of the city. Ajmullah Ansari’s 38-year-old son, Mohd. Javed Ansari got it. Mo. Javed Ansari told that my life was saved only because of Ayushman Bharat card.
He told that I work as a driver. It would have been difficult to save my life if the Ayushman Bharat card had not been made. Lakhs were spent on my treatment. He told that in the month of April, when I showed the doctor due to sudden abdominal pain, he told me to have appendix. Then I got the operation done by a rural area doctor for less cost of treatment. During the treatment, he cut my intestine along with the appendix, due to which there was a problem of stool leakage.

Then he was admitted to a private hospital. It cost a lot to get treatment there. Me and my family were not able to get treatment. In such a situation, my friend told that Ayushman card provides treatment facility. Then came to Ayushman Bharat Center located at Sadar Hospital and met its DC Saurabh Kumar. Then he gave information about the card and treatment. After that free of cost treatment was done at Rahmania Medical Center. Here for 14 days my treatment, medicine, food, beds, all facilities were provided free of cost. He told that now he is completely healthy after treatment. You are able to do your work too.

Registration is being done in Sadar Hospital-

Ayushman Bharat DC Saurabh Kumar said that registration for Ayushman Bharat card is being done in all the blocks of the district including Sadar Hospital. He appealed to the people that the facility of treatment up to Rs 5 lakh is available through this card.

Who can get Ayushman card made-

Saurabh Kumar told that Indian citizens can get Ayushman Bharat card. Carry an identity card (Aadhaar card, PAN card, driving license, voter ID, government ID card) along with family composite ID with them. Go to Common Service Center, Public Service Center, UTI-ITSL Center to get eligibility check and get Ayushman card made.


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