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Jogi Ramesh shoots PavanSEDI News

Now the demolition of the house has become a national discussion. Villagers and opposition parties complain about the ruling party for demolishing houses in the name of widening roads. Janasena claims that the Vice RCP carried out this attack out of anger that they gave Janasena’s party caucus a seat. Today, President Pawan Kalyan instilled courage and confidence in those who lost their homes during his tour. Meanwhile, vice-RCP leaders are sharply commenting on Pawan’s current visit. Housing Minister Jogi Ramesh said Crazy Kalyan is going crazy.

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He said that so far not a single house has been demolished. He clarified that only encroachments were removed to expand the road. The villagers are satisfied with the road construction. It was alleged that Pawan Kalyan’s actions violated peace and order. Pavan is trying to provoke people. They are said to act out dramas called Rekki at Pavan’s house. Although the Telangana police made it clear that they did not organize Rekki, they accused him of acting out the drama. They said that useless people like Chandrababu and Pawan Kalyan cannot move our government an inch. Minister Jogi Ramesh recalled that thousands of houses and hundreds of temples were demolished under the Chandrababu regime. Chandrababu said the story was about the demolition of the statue of Gandhi at midnight.

Jogi said that small obstacles and protective walls that interfered with road widening and drainage work in the village have been removed. Now they are spreading bad propaganda that the idols of Mahatma Gandhi and Indira Gandhi have been smashed and thrown into the trash. Uttiki Eguralenamma is like flying to heaven. Crazy Karukutu Hookah. He boasts that he will build a highway through Idupulapaya. In the 2019 elections, Bhimavaram and Gajuwaka, in which they ran, did not win. He’s an incompetent man who didn’t even get a place in the MLA. Jogi Eddeva said that this great man would build a road to Idupulapaya.