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Junior NTR away from TDP..! Is this the reason? – News18 TeluguSEDI News

Jr NTR vs TDP: Until recently, he was the beacon of hope for the party. He sang that he was the future CM of the Telugu country. Not only fans of NTR Jr…Telugu Desam party leaders and activists also have high hopes for Tarak. Therefore, they demanded the introduction of scientific and technological revolution into the party. Even before the leader of the party, Chandrababu Naidu, they raised slogans that he should be brought into the party. But Chandrababu is silent, saying neither yes nor no, is he staying away from the NTR party? Or TDP keeps him away, the discussion has been going on for many days. But looking at recent events, there is a campaign that the young tiger NTR wants to stay away from TDP. In particular, as a social media platform, there is currently a war going on. With the name change of the NTR Health University.. Telugu country leaders hoped that a YCP vs. Junior NTR bout would take place. But with one NTR tweet, things turned upside down. TDP leaders are openly criticizing that it would be better if Junior NTR did not respond to this issue. Moreover… Kalyan Ram is better than Junior NTR… Tarak is accused of not speaking openly. Junior NTR has been trolled for two days now. But young hardcore players are angry that TDP is doing all this. The party leaders are furious that their favorite hero has been targeted. The Nara and Nandamuri family, who have been completely distant from NTR all this time, are now wondering if they have come to love NTR. For the past two days, there has been a Telugu Desam war against Junior NTR on Twitter. But TDP leaders did not expect such a situation. However, there is clarity for both groups in one. Political scientists say that if Junior NTR really wanted to work with TDP, he would have misunderstood the YCP decision. In addition to this, the latest results are also similar. Because, on the one hand, the Telugu Desam party hopes for an alliance with the BJP… Unexpectedly, the Union Home Minister… the second leader of the BJP, Amit Shah… held a direct meeting with the Junior NTR. There is also a campaign saying that there was a discussion between them about politics. There are reports that Amit Shah asked him to work on behalf of the BJP. The leaders of the TDP have been reportedly following the affairs of the NTR ever since. At this time, Tarak tweeted that senior NTR and YSR are both great people. The TDP leaders seem to have made up their minds that they will not associate NTR with them in the future.

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