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KCR releases videos of farmhouse in MoinabadSEDI News

The Chief Minister of KCR hosted a media conference at Pragati Bhavan on the purchase of TRS MLA from Moinabad Farm. A video of everything that happened in the farmhouse was released to the media. It is with a very heavy heart that I am holding today’s press conference. Conditions in the country are very disturbing. There is evil in this country. The murder of democracy is shameless and unrestrained. The rampage of these democratic assassins threatens the very foundations of this nation. The worst. A very sad situation. At least not in our imagination. That’s why I speak with pain.

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Earlier today, I waited with the idea of ​​putting this on public display after voting ended. Attempts have been made before. Flower signs in hand and fake campaigns have been made. As if Palvai Shravanti met him, he advertised by naming several televisions. Elections come and go. Win and lose. We were defeated in Khuzurabad. We lost in Dubbuck by a small margin. We won at Nagarjuna Sagar and Hujurnagar. You have to respect people’s opinions. Only if we win, where is democracy. There must be restraint in politics and public life. As a result, the election commission was accused of failure.

The KM KChR expressed its grief by saying that, including the Supreme Court, all judges of the highest courts of all states should join hands and ask them to save democracy in the country. He said that we had sent letters to the chief justices of the country and to the chief ministers of all the states with details of the events in Telangana. This is something everyone should know. CM KCR said full details and a 60-minute video related to the farmhouse case have been sent to CMs of all states, including the Telangana High Court. They said that we have overthrown eight governments… we will overthrow several more. There are 24 people in this gang. Big crime. KCR said. KM KChR said that if the party changes, they will give 100 crores. They promised to provide category Y security. The government is in the hands of unconstitutional forces and must be protected. The KCR CM said that the MLAs that joined the TRS joined constitutionally and did not commit such atrocities.