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Lester’s clashes show Islamist bigotry dominates Britain, but Hindus should remain calm SEDI News

Clashes erupted in various neighborhoods of London after the India-Pakistan Asia Cup cricket match. According to a video clip viral on social media, a group of Muslims, some wearing masks, gather in front of a Hindu temple and vandalize it. Its denial has not yet come from the side of the police etc. Some Hindu groups took out a rally in protest but there were very few people in it and they were not doing any kind of violence. The Indian High Commission in London called on authorities to provide security to victims and places of worship that are vulnerable to attacks.

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There are also reports of crowds gathering from neighboring urban areas in the tense localities, threatening to disturb the peace and create serious law and order problems in the localities with a mixed population of Hindus and Muslims. Police officials and the Mayor of Leicester have expressed concern over these incidents. Leicester Mayor Sir Peter Soulsby said, ‘They are mostly teenagers and early twenties and I have heard speculation that people have come from outside (into the city) … this is very worrying for the neighborhood where all this happened .’ Leicester police are taking all precautions to keep the situation under control and have warned that they will not “tolerant violence or disorder” in the city.

How these warnings and cautionary statements will be able to control the situation, it is difficult to say. Violent mobs set on vandalism can easily outnumber the local police.

growing religious intolerance

According to the UK Home Department, ‘Pakistani nationals account for the seventh largest number of foreign criminals in prisons in England and Wales, they make up about 3 percent of foreign criminals.’ The matter is so serious that the UK recently signed Pakistan’s The Returns Agreement, so that it can deport Pakistani criminals, failed refugees, people who stayed even after their visas expired and immigration law breakers.

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Following the March 2012 shootings at a Jewish primary school in Toulouse, France, and the brutal murder of 12 people from the editorial group of satirical magazine Charlie Habdo in January 2015, the Jewish community in France became concerned about their future, with people thinking of emigrating to Israel. are. These incidents also had an impact in Britain, where police said there were “enormous concerns” about the threat to the Jewish people.

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