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Malobika Banerjee on her new song Jee Lene DoSEDI News

News Daily Digital Desk: Actress Malobika Banerjee is performing again with a new song. Who is now known as ‘Malbika MJ’ as a Singer and Singer in Mumbai. Her new video “JeeLeneDo” will be released on YouTube on September 27.

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Malobika Banerjee

This is Malvika’s fourth song and eighth video as a singer. This time he performed a rap song. Needless to say, female rappers in this country are few and far between. Will the audience accept Malvika’s rap song? Malvika said to the question. “The general perception is that boys rap more. But if we talk about American singers, there is Cardi B or Black Pink’s Liza. Who is a star at the age of 25? If they can rap, then the people of our country are their audience. They love Shakira or Cardi’s music. So if an Indian singer is rapping, why not get an audience? I did a rap song for the first time. But the audience accepts, now it is our responsibility as artists to give them something new. If the audience can accept a female-centric film, why not a female rapper, you can try (laughs).”

[আরও পড়ুন: প্রতারণা করলেই ৪০ কোটি জরিমানা! বিয়ের পর অদ্ভুত চুক্তিপত্রে সই জেনিফার ও বেন অ্যাফলেকের]

And what is the theme of this song? Answering the question, Malvika again said. “Girl pop star, the role I’m in. Although the singer is a superstar, her life has many ups and downs, including her husband’s lover. That star can also be abused. Those of us who live in front of a screen leave the dark side of life behind and move forward with a smile. But in their life there may be suspicions of abuse of husband or boyfriend. I want to say those words through this song. This pop star girl has a lot of fans. But he is subjected to violence at some point. The line of the song is ‘Aaj mujhe thora ji lane do’. In other words, the girl is looking for freedom from a toxic relationship.”

Malobika Banerjee 1:

Girls always want to keep the relationship till the end. But once the barrier of patience was broken. The hero of the music video also wants to end a toxic relationship. Money, luxury, comfort cannot be dragged into an unhappy-toxic relationship. You must love yourself, respect yourself. This is the message that Malvika wants to give through the song. In addition to YouTube, the song will be released in CSP’s music video. Directed by Urbi Seth Dhruva. Malvika said that after the release of the song, she wants to come to Kolkata for Durga Puja 2022.

[আরও পড়ুন: আপত্তিজনকভাবে নিরাপত্তারক্ষীর গায়ে হাত, মদ্যপ সারার কাণ্ডে নিন্দা নেটপাড়ায়]

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