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Minister Vijay Chaudhary retaliated on Sushil Modi, replied on the merger of the party SEDI News

PATNA: Polling is to be held in Gopalganj and Mokama tomorrow, due to which the political agitation has intensified. All the leaders of the Grand Alliance and BJP campaigned till 6 pm yesterday to ensure the victory of their respective candidates. At the same time, during this time many leaders were also seen attacking each other. Actually, Rajya Sabha MP Sushil Modi had said that JDU and RJD will merge with each other soon. After this statement of Sushil Modi, there was a stir in politics. At the same time, in this matter, now Bihar government minister Vijay Chaudhary has retaliated. Along with this, the talk of merger of the party has been rejected.

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Vijay Chaudhary said that tell one reason or one symptom where there is talk of merger. Both the parties are involved in the Grand Alliance with mutual understanding and the Chief Minister and the Deputy Chief Minister together are running the government of the Grand Alliance well. The biggest thing is that the proportion in which the media exaggerates the talk gives strength to the rumour-mongers. Minister Vijay Chaudhary said that there is no such thing. Neither the people of JDU have said such a thing nor the people of RJD have said such a thing, then understand that the Bharatiya Janata Party knows this thing the most. Guess what we mean if we say tomorrow BJP is merging with LJP.

At the same time, voting is to be held for the by-election tomorrow. Regarding which Sushil Modi has said that lotus will bloom and now Chirag Paswan is also in the fray. At the same time, regarding this statement, Minister Vijay Chaudhary said that, at least Sushil Modi showed so much courage that Chirag is believing in Paswan bigger than any BJP leader. Now if Chirag Paswan has come, whether his victory is sure or raw, it is a matter of later. But Sushil Modi accepted so much that all the BJP leaders have faded in front of the lamp.

Vishal Bhardwaj’s report from Patna