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Mumbai Airport | Mumbai Airport will be closed for 6 hours on October 18, for maintenance work on both runways SEDI News

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Mumbai Airport

Mumbai : Mumbai International Airport’s runway gets damaged during monsoons, so it is maintained every year. Like every year, Mumbai airport will be closed for 6 hours on October 18. The operator of Mumbai International Airport said in a statement that it has been decided to close the runway on October 18 from 11 am to 5 pm. Both runways will be closed on October 18 for runway repair and maintenance work.

According to the airport authority, passengers have been told that if they have traveled by air or plan to do so, they can cancel itineraries during this period. There will be no flights from Mumbai airport during this period, said the airport authority. It is clear that passengers may face many problems in the meantime.

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Mumbai Airport has two very busy runways, namely the main runway 9/27 and the second operational runway 14/32. 800 flights are operated daily from these two runways. Mumbai Airport is the second largest aerodome after Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi.

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