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Munugodu Bypoll: Turn off the microphones in Munugodu… a curtain for new temptations?SEDI News

The Munugodu By Poll Campaign has ended. So far munugodhu (munugodu) has thundered with rallies and rallies throughout the constituency, but now the microphones are muted. The head of the electoral commission, Vikas Raj, made it clear that there should be no strangers in the constituency, as the election season is over. It is also recommended to completely stop the campaign and not run any social media campaign. He said that there will be large-scale inspections in the future. Who participates in the previous pre-election competition in this order? Poll, dates of results, how many votes of the respective social groups? How much money was seized for hawala? How was the campaign on the last day? Let’s know other things..
The main competition in the past has been between these three.
A total of 130 nominations were submitted to Munugodu by opinion poll and in the end 47 candidates stood. Among them are mainly Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy, former BJP candidate, Palvai Shravanti, Congress candidate, and Kusukuntla Prabhakar Reddy of TRS. Also involved in the fight were Andoju Shankaracharari of BSP, Palle Vinai Goud of Telangana Jana Samiti, K.A. Paul from the Prajashanti party and some other independent candidates.
Voting dates and results are as follows.
The Electoral Commission said that the Munugodu Supplemental Voting will take place on November 3rd and the vote count will be announced on November 6th the same day. He said that the voting will take place on November 3 (Thursday) from 7:00 to 18:00. A total of 298 polling stations have been created. A total of 1,192 staff members were required and 300 more were appointed. Strong measures will be taken to prevent any adverse incidents during the elections.
Total number of voters in the previous year = 2 lakh 27 thousand 101

Of which SC – 35,411 (15.6%) SC – 20,290 (8.9%) SC – 13,000 5. (7%) Minorities – 8000 (3.5%)
In British Columbia Gouda: 38,000 Golla Kurum: 35,000 Mudiraj: 34,500 Padmasali: 19,000 Vaddera: 8,300 Vishwa Brahmin: 7,800 Kummari: 7,800

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Hourly survey percentage.
Each polling station will have booth-level officials and medical teams present. The percentage of the poll will be recorded hourly via the app directly from the polling center.
How much money and alcohol was seized?
Since the previous by-elections, 6 lakhs 80 thousand cash has been seized so far. Electoral commission chief Vikas Rai said 111 wholesale stores were closed and more than 4,500 liters of liquor were seized. According to him, 187 cases have been registered so far, 479 complaints have been received in various forms.
Identification of problem areas.
Also, the chairman of the election commission, Vikas Rai, said that 105 problem areas were identified in the constituency, and Internet broadcasting was organized at all polling stations. He said that a total of 3,366 state police officers and 15 companies of the central forces provide enhanced security for all polling stations.

The last day was a hectic campaign
Since it was the last day of the campaign, there was a stir. There is also tension in Palivel. BJP MLA Etela Rajender convoy was stoned by unknown persons. As a result of this attack, the windows of cars were broken and many people were injured. But Etela said the attack was carried out by TRS leaders. Also KTR ministers and Harish Rao tried to impress voters with a road show. And the Congress organized a huge rally in the name of Mahila Garjana. With this meeting, TPCC head Revant Reddy put the finishing touches on the campaign. And we need to wait a few days to find out what the mood of the voter is.

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