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Nava gadi nava rajya, nava gadi, nava rajya: Anandi takes Ramala out of the house, what happened? – Marathi serial nava gadi nava rajya pallavi patil as anandi angry with anita date as rama SEDI News

Mumbai :The juxtaposition of Rama and Anandi in Nava Gadi Nava Rajya serial has been well done. Initially, Raman had told Anandi that he was Kolte’s sister-in-law. But that brass is now exposed. Because the real Kolte sisters-in-law are back. Therefore, Anandi has kept in his head that this woman who meets him as Kolte Vahini is lying.

Even now Rama looks only happy. So Anandi doesn’t know exactly what. Moreover, she has not even seen Rama’s photo. Now a new video has come out. Rama comes in the house and says to Anandi, Raghav was angry right? Anandi shouts at her, ‘Don’t call my husband by his unique name. He, Chingi and Ramatai are also my people. I will see what to do with them. Don’t tell me.’ And throws Rama out of the house.

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Rejoicing flares up. She says, she was explaining with love for so long. I will not leave you now. Therefore, the audience feels that the next episodes will be interesting. Some are even criticizing the concept of ghosts.

In a recent episode, Anandi’s first Owsa after marriage was shown. A Ganapati special episode also showed a happy Rama pouring oats. Then in one episode Rama gets scared and runs away after saying Anandi Rama Raksha. Seeing this, the audience and netizens have criticized the series and trolled it.

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Seeing this, the audience has given different reactions on social media. ‘Rama’s ghost haunts Suhasini. After that comes the darshan of Ganapati, but why does the ghost get scared after hearing Rama Raksha? Netizens have said that the writer should tell the logic of this. Don’t make the audience so mad, that’s the kind of reaction that’s out there right now.

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