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Netflix hits back after Jeffrey Dahmer tag series as ‘LGBTQ’SEDI News

Netflix is ​​facing backlash after some viewers discovered its new Jeffrey Dahmer series was tagged as ‘LGBTQ’ content. (Netflix)

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Netflix has come under fire after viewers noticed that its raunchy new Jeffrey Dahmer series was given the ‘LGBTQ’ tag by the streaming service.

Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Storywhich dropped on Netflix on Wednesday (September 21), tells the story of the Milwaukee serial killer’s crimes that span between 1978 and 1991.

Ryan Murphy watches the series America’s Scary Story the star Evan Peters Play Dahmer, who was convicted of murdering 17 men, many minors and people of color.

Crime has always been a popular category for Netflix documentaries as the streaming platform has produced several series on the subject in the past. However, some viewers have also criticized the streamer for tagging Dahmer As part of its LGBTQ+ content.

A TikTok user posted a clip of the series as it appeared on Netflix with the tags ‘Ominous’, ‘psychological’, ‘Horror’ and ‘LGBTQ’. They questioned “why the f**k” Netflix decided to tag the series as LGBTQ+ content, saying this was “not the representation we’re looking for”.

One person commented on the video, saying that Netflix may have done it because it was “something that affects the LGBTQ community so much” and wondered if it could be for “educational purposes”.


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There was also a backlash Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story LGBTQ+ content is being tagged on Twitter, with one person saying the decision was “so f*cked”.

Pinknews Netflix has been contacted for comment.

Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story Told through the lives of victims who were affected by the systemic racism and institutional failures of the police that allowed Dahmer to continue his killing spree. It also focuses on mistakes made by law enforcement during the search for Dahmer.

Dahmer met many of his victims at bus stops, bars, bookstores and shopping malls. His murders included a breakup, necrophilia, and cannibalism with Dahmer later becoming known as the Milwaukee Cannibals.

Dahmer’s crimes left a lasting impression on Milwaukee’s LGBTQ+ community. said drag performer BJ Daniels WISN that he remembers working in the city during Dahmer’s crime spree.

Daniels performed at Club 219, a gay bar where Dahmer targeted victims. While performing at Pride Fest in 1991, a drag performer asked a woman if she had seen her son — later revealed to be one of Dahmer’s victims — remembered.

“A woman came up to me and we were in drag, so she knew we were drag queens, and she said ‘Have you seen my son?’ And she grabbed a little snapshot,” Daniels said. “Come to find out this young man who showed me his photo was one of the victims.”

Daniels felt the documentary “evoked this whole horrific moment in Milwaukee history”.

Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story Now available to watch on Netflix.