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New director of IIT Roorkee will focus on start-ups, sustainabilitySEDI News

Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IIT Roorkee) has appointed Professor Kamal Kishore Pant (KK Pant) as the new Director of the Institute. Prof. Pant previously worked as Ex-Dean Faculty and Professor for the Department of Chemical Engineering at IIT Delhi.

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Under his leadership, the institute is planning to build new R&D infrastructure to train international scholars and promote IIT Roorkee as a vital hub for building global linkages addressing cutting-edge research and innovation.

Considering the changing unicorn landscape in India, it also aims to support the establishment of start-ups. “Aligned with the vision of the institution, like all my contemporaries, we will work to greater heights to build a sustainable and equitable society through the teaching of advanced academic materials using cutting-edge methods and innovative research in science and technology. ,” he said.

The institute will now also focus more on Vision 2030 (sustainable clean and green energy, electric vehicles), renewables, rural industrialization, space, self-reliance in food production, hassle-free healthcare and digital India) resulting in employment/entrepreneurial engineers.

Professor Pant received his PhD (Chemical Engineering) from the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur in 1997, and is a Fellow of the scientific academies INAE and NASI. He is also a leading expert on futuristic technology and the outgoing director Prof. succeeded AK Chaturvedi.