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Newspapers loyally support a useless pair of financially illiterate shitheadsSEDI News

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Radio has existed to provide streams of music and random afternoon chats for as long as Morecambe’s Jamie writes to make it all about:

‘Keep the Tunes Coming’

DJs should find this message very useful. How will they know to play another song after the currently playing song ends? If they weren’t reminded by Haley from Colchester, the rest of the show would go by in awkward silence.

‘My two-year-old requested Chemical Brothers’

Sandy, an aging hipster parent from Glossop, likes to try to get some bragging rights back through his offspring. This should be a signal for social services to visit the home and explain that no one needs to listen Let it be forever By the age of eight at the earliest.

‘The whole office loves him’

Forcing your workplace to listen to the station of your choice is a borderline hostage situation. decided to speak on his behalf because Hart played Barry Manilow Mandy Broadcast your sadness to the nation.

‘My friends Eric, Chris, Rigsy, Tom…’

When the reckless guy with friends makes it on the air, and boy do they make the most of their two minutes of mid-morning radio fame. After all, why would you want to listen to music when you can listen to an endless list of dull twits’ names?

‘Happy Anniversary Maggie’

Nothing says ‘I’m up sheets creek cause I forgot to get a card’ like Warrington’s groveling dedication to Carl, paired with a request for an Ed Sheeran song. Which would only cause more marital discord as their first dance was to Michael BublĂ©.

‘Let me tell you what’s wrong with this country’

Without exception, any contribution to talk radio is without exception. It will be more effective for these people – it is mainly boys – to find a void to scream into. But that would not be fair on the poor void.