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Provide special housing for my husband in prison..


On behalf of Gosha Mahal M.L.A. Raja Singh, who is in prison in Hyderabad, his wife Ushabai once again appealed to the High Court. It is known that she has already filed a petition in the High Court challenging the cases filed against Raja Singh by the Telangana police. On Thursday, she filed another petition expressing concern that her husband’s life in prison is in danger. In her motion, she asked the High Court to grant her husband special accommodations because her husband’s life was threatened by inmates in prison.

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Ushabai asked the Supreme Court to give her husband a room away from other inmates in the prison. She asked the court to give her a separate room with a bed, a table, a chair, newspapers, a TV set and kitchen utensils. High Court Judge Kanneganty Lalita attended the hearing on the motion on Thursday. The hearing was adjourned until the 28th of this month because the plaintiff’s attorney requested additional time to present his arguments.

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