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The center did not give a reason.

Pakistan government’s official Twitter account shut down again in India

New Delhi: The official Twitter account of the Government of Pakistan in India has been blocked again. When the official Government of Pakistan Twitter page is opened, the message “Account of the Government of Pakistan has been detained in India in response to a legal demand” is seen. In the past, India blocked the Pakistan government’s Twitter page, but later reactivated it. In July of this year, the Indian government took similar action against several Pakistani Twitter accounts.

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Twitter takes this action when faced with a legal requirement (court order). In June of this year, Twitter India also blocked the accounts of the Pakistani embassies to the UN, Turkey, Iran and Egypt. In August this year, the central government also blocked 8 YouTube news channels. The General Directorate of Information and Broadcasting said the measures were taken using emergency powers under the provisions of the Information Technology Law 2021.

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