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Out of 41 seats, Trinamool has won 39 divisions, Bidhannagar is base againSEDI News

Out of 41 constituencies in Bidhannagar, Trinamool won 39, and Congress and Independents won 1 seat each.

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Samrat Barua has won Bidhannagar Municipal Ward 6. Emperor Barua won with 6683 votes. Mamata Mandal won Bidhannagar Purnigam Ward No.12. Independent candidate Mamata Mondal who got more than 1100 votes. The Trinamool candidate from District No. 39, who won with 3,997 votes. Trinamool candidate Piyali Sarkar won in Bidhannagar. Sabyasachi Dutta won in Bidhannagar. Trinamool candidate Aratrika Bhattacharya who won Bidhannagar ward no.3. Aratrika Bhattacharya won with 10,342 votes.

Find out who has won which ward in Bidhannagar –

Ward winning team

01 Pinaki Nandi Trinamool Congress

02 Rahima Bibi Trinamul Congress

03 Aratrika Bhattacharya Trinamool Congress

04 Shahnawaz Ali Mandal Trinamul Congress



07 Devaraj Chakraborty Trinamool Congress


09 Samaresh Chakraborty’s Trinamool Congress

10 Prannoy Roy Trinamool Congress

11 Anita Biswas Trinamool Congress

12 Mamta Mandal is independent


14 Geeta Sardar Congress

15 Sujit Mandal Trinamul Congress

16 Jayshree Bagui Trinamool Congress

17 Ashutosh Nandy Trinamool Congress

18 Indranath Baguy Trinamool Congress

19 Piyali Sarkar Trinamool Congress

20 Prasenjit Nag Trinamool Congress

21 Manoranjan Ghosh Trinamul Congress

22 Atindranath Sana Trinamool Congress

23 Jhunko Mandal Trinamool Congress

24 Manish Mukherjee Trinamool Congress

25 Purnima Naskar Trinamool Congress

26 Sushovan Mandal Trinamool Congress

27 Binu Mandal Trinamool Congress

28 Praveer Sardar Trinamool Congress

29 Krishna Chakraborty’s Trinamool Congress

30 Anita Mondal Trinamool Congress

31 Sabyasachi Dutta Trinamool Congress

32 Kakali Saha Trinamool Congress

33 Banibrata Banerjee Trinamool Congress

34 Rajan Poddar Trinamool Congress






40 Tulsi Sinha Roy Trinamool Congress

41 Ratna Bhowmik Trinamool Congress

Sabyasachi Dutta’s return to the main field. Sabyasachi Dutta won Purnigam despite not winning the assembly election title. As soon as the victory was confirmed, the woman appeared at the Prime Minister’s house. He received a gift.

Bidhannagar municipality was newly established in 2015. In October of the same year, Sabyasachi Dutta entered the electoral fray for the Trinamool. He smiled happily. However, 4 years after the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, his relationship with Ghasful Shibir soured. Resigned from the post of mayor. There were also speculations of a change of camp in political circles. Sabyasachi sealed the news and joined the BJP. Amit Shah has signed his name in the Padma camp. Receive a meeting voting ticket as a “gift” for joining the party. Gerua died fighting for the camp. He lost the polls against Sujit Bose.