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Overseas Pakistanis trust Imran Khan more than the current government SEDI News

The heart of overseas Pakistanis beats with Pakistan. Their Pakistan is in their mobile where they stay in touch with their Pakistan through YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram. The trauma of migration is the biggest tragedy of human life. No human in the world migrates voluntarily. Hijrat is the Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH). There is no more painful time for you than when you leave your homeland, your soil and your loved ones and migrate to a foreign land. Then throughout your life, those paths, those passages are imprinted in your heart through which you have passed. Longing to see the graves of their loved ones. Migration is the greatest compulsion of human life. Someone migrates for the betterment of their economic conditions and someone migrates to fulfill some lofty goal which cannot be achieved in the homeland.

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Recently, a big fundraising dinner was organized in London by Al-Mustafa Trust in which wealthy Pakistanis gathered under one roof to raise funds to help the flood victims. I request the current government not to be angry with overseas Pakistanis just because they support Imran Khan. They trust Imran Khan because Imran Khan wanted to give them the right to vote. Even today, remittances from abroad play an important role in stabilizing Pakistan’s economy. Whenever there is a disaster in Pakistan, the first people to come forward for help are Pakistanis abroad.

You will see where the donations collected to help those affected by this flood are going. Everything will be seen, it is only a matter of belief. Man gives money only to whom he trusts. No one will trust you when you seize power and only loot, do money laundering. Therefore, the current Mix Pickle ruling coalition should worry about its reputation. If you are not getting any help from abroad in this flood, it is because of your worst reputation and billions of rupees are being collected on the telethon broadcast of the one who is not the prime minister at the moment, so it is also because of him. Have a strong reputation. People trust Imran Khan that’s why they give him money. If you also win this trust, then Pakistanis living abroad will also be ready to give you money.


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