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Pralhad Joshi sacks KCR governmentSEDI News

Trade Union Minister Prahlad Joshi expressed anger at the behavior of the Telangana state government. He criticized the Telangana government for being more involved in politics than work. He expressed anger at the state not providing double bed houses and houses not being built in the Awas Yojana area. He criticized the fact that KCR, along with MIM, is blocking the movement of metro trains to the old city.

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Why didn’t KCHR and KTR respond to the CAG report? KCR, who said he would give jobs to every household, said he gave jobs to everyone in his family. He said that the Bijapur Highway in Hyderabad is not being purchased and no work is underway. He said that family is more important to KCR than the country and Telangana. There were allegations that TRS leaders were involved in rice processing. Why didn’t NITI Aayog attend the meeting?