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Rahul’s Key Comments on the Presidency of CongressSEDI News

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi made important comments about the presidency. He made it clear that Congress would continue the one-man, one-post rule. He described the president of the Congress party as more than just an organizational position. This is an ideological and loyal system. On this occasion, Rahul Gandhi recalled the declaration made by the Congress in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Rahul’s comments gained importance after Siddhaman Ashok Gehlot announced that he would continue to work in Rajasthan as well as the party’s president. Rahul suggested that whoever is the President of the Congress remember that this position is a group of ideas.

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He said, “You are about to step into a historic place… This place reflected the aspirations of the country… It will continue to reflect.” He said that the post of head of Congress is an ideological post, a reflection of certain ideas and proof of a reliable system. After Rahul’s comments, Ashok Gehlot changed dramatically. He went to Kochi to attend the Bharat Jodo Yatra… and changed his mind. He said it was good that the person elected President of the Congress should be limited to only one post.