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Ram Charan in defense of Babai..?SEDI News

For the past three days, Pawan Kalyan’s name has been trending on social media. Nadendla Manohar, a key leader of Can Sen’s party, himself told the media that some suspicious people were holding rekki at Pawan Kalyan’s house. They started talking about what was happening with Pawan Kalyan. Fans and activists approach Pavan’s house in large numbers. On the other hand, the fans want the center to provide Pavan with category Z safety. In this order, the mega family is also a little worried.

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In this order, another interesting piece of news came out. It is known that Pawan Kalyan’s favorite Ram Charan replaced his father. When Charan found out that someone was going to do something to Pavan Kalyan, whom Charan adored, he took care of Pavan’s safety himself. Ram Charan also provided his personal bodyguards for Pawan Kalyan. And how much truth is in this, but now this news has become viral.

If so, then Union Minister Kishan Reddy reacted to Pavan’s residence. It is said that it is inappropriate to make rekki in Pawan Kalyan’s house. They asked the governments of the two Telugu states to take action on the matter. He made it clear that if the Telugu state governments did not take action, the Center would intervene.