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‘Rana Ayub are you a Muslim?’ – Had gone to give knowledge on Islam and Hijab, the people of their own religion put the lights on SEDI News

Rana Ayyub has been rejected by Muslims from Islam…at least by the Muslims with social media. Don’t be surprised Below are all the proofs. It happened that she was sharing knowledge about hijab or burqa. The Muslims present on Twitter lit the beacon of Rana Ayub citing the Quran.

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Rana Ayub, accused of financial fraud and earning money by writing articles in the Washington Post, on Wednesday (22 September 2022) tweeted the meaning of the verse of Surah Bakrah in English. He wrote, “There is no compulsion in religion.” Actually it was related to the ongoing hijab or burqa protests in Iran.

By writing such a tweet, Rana Ayub was trying to show that she is a woman of developing mindset. Muslim users on Twitter explained to him very well that the developing mindset has its place, the Quran has its place.

Rana Ayyub’s tweet

Rana Ayub, who mocked Hindus for this tweet, came under the target of Muslim users on social media. User named bint noah wrote:

“The mask is off, the reality is in front of everyone. Why is the big handle still silent on Rana Ayyub in spite of this… Obviously she knows the context of the ayat, yet there is no doubt that this woman who wishes for the good of the gullible is one of the staunch enemies of Islam . We have to understand those people who still support this woman in anti-Islamic narratives. Rana Ayyub is a filter!”

Bint Noah’s Tweet

Sanif Sultan writes, “This verse is for non-Muslims. Muslims do not have the freedom to choose and follow Islam as a religion. A Muslim cannot use this verse out of context for his double standards.”

Sanif Sultan’s tweet

Another Muslim user took a dig at Rana Ayyub and said, “This is the whole ayat (Surah Bakrah, Ayat-256, Quran). Considering the recent events across the country and globally, I feel that Muslims should be careful while quoting the Quran.

ZAyesha’s Tweet

Apart from this, many Muslim users have lashed out at Rana on Twitter. One wrote, “No need for Mushrik’s opinion.” One took a jibe at her and said, “She is the protector of Muslims.”

3 different Twitter users reply to Rana Ayub

A user named Naymara also shared a screenshot of Rana’s tweet on his Twitter handle, informing him about Islam, Allah and the Quran. He asked, “Are you denying the verse of the Qur’an? Are you a Muslim too?”

Twitter user named Naymara washed Rana Ayub

All the tweets reprimanding Rana Ayyub are going viral on social media.

Couldn’t last 4 minutes on a lie

Earlier, Rana Ayub had told so many lies in one of her interviews that she herself got confused in the statistics. She had said in the beginning in the interview that 100 Hindus surrounded a Muslim girl and at the end of the interview she was seen saying that this number was 200. He had said, “This is not the India we were once proud of. This is the India of right-wing terrorists.”

Property worth Rs 1.77 crore seized for cheating

Let us tell you that Rana Ayub, who specializes in spreading lies, is accused of financial fraud. His assets worth Rs 1.77 crore were attached by the ED. All this money was allegedly collected by him in the name of raising funds on keto. But Ayub kept that money in his account without using all the money. When the controversy escalated, he pleaded innocent.