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Rangiat Congress leader Ankita Dutta’s news post demands judicial inquiry against Bhavesh KalitaSEDI News

Assam Pradesh Youth Congress President Ankita Dutta Color News Mail. Ankita Dutta also leveled explosive allegations against state BJP president Bhavesh Kalita.

According to Dutta, Irrigation Minister Besh Kalitai, who was the Water Irrigation Minister, was judging candidates for jobs under the irrigation department. After 40 to 50 people found jobs in the irrigation department in Rangia, which is close to Bhavesh Kalita.

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Dutta alleged that Bhavesh Kalita was doing color politics of fear. Rangiyat medhabi students did not get jobs in the school’s irrigation department. I also mentioned that if they get a job, they should be BJP workers and close friends and they should ask for the job.

Ankita Dutta has demanded a judicial inquiry against Besh Kalita, who alleged that she was involved in the irrigation department jobs scam. It should be noted that today the Congress protested against the arrest of Bhavesh Kalita, and Ankita Dutt was injured on the spot.

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